Elderly Care in Quakertown PA: Helping a Senior with Incontinence

Elderly Care in Quakertown PA: Helping a Senior with Incontinence

Some health conditions may mean that your elderly family member inevitably is going to wind up dealing with incontinence. Incontinence can mean that your aging adult is unable to control her bladder or bowels on her own, leading to some situations that she’d rather avoid. In spite of this, however, your senior might resist the very products that can help her the most.

Realize This Is Embarrassing for Your Senior.

One of the biggest reasons that your elderly family member doesn’t want to use incontinence products is that she’s forced to acknowledge that she’s dealing with an embarrassing issue. Incontinence can also be a sign for your aging adult that she is getting to a point at which she is going to be dependent on you and others.

Figure out Why She’s Resisting.

There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in incontinence and resisting the devices that can help. The first step in getting past your elderly family member’s resistance is to figure out why she’s resisting. The products she’s using might be uncomfortable or she might be in denial or angry about what is happening to her body. It’s very likely that there is more than one reason she’s resisting, too.

Try out Other Products.

Talk to your loved one’s doctor and determine what types of products might help her the most. Pads and underwear are the easiest products to use in order to manage what is happening with your aging adult, but they may not be exactly what she needs. Give other options a try and see if one of them works better for your senior.

Remember to Maintain Your Senior’s Dignity.

The situation is embarrassing enough, of course, but if your elderly family member fears how you’ll react or treat her, she may become even more embarrassed. It’s important to reassure her that you want only the best for her and that you’re working with her instead of against her.

If you and your elderly family member are still having trouble with this issue, consider hiring elderly care providers for extra help. They’ve helped aging adults and caregivers just like you manage this kind of situation.

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