Disappointment is a feeling that no one wants to experience, especially if they’re a caregiver. If you’re feeling these types of feelings more often, try some of these ideas to work through them.

Elder Care in Levittown PA: Five Tips for Coping When You're Disappointed in Yourself

Elder Care in Levittown PA: Five Tips for Coping When You’re Disappointed in Yourself

You Might Be Your Own Worst Critic.

You’re tackling a tough job in being a family member’s caregiver. It’s entirely possible that part of the reason you’re disappointed in yourself or something you perceive that you’ve done “wrong” is that you’re being your own worst critic. Try to give yourself some space to learn as you go on your caregiving journey.

There’s Only One of You.

There’s only one of you. So if your expectations are that you’re going to do all the things, all the time, that might not be realistic. It might be time to sit down with yourself and look at what you can do objectively in a given day. Then determine if some extra help would make everything go much more smoothly.

You Might Need a Break.

To build on the fact that there’s only one of you, that one you may need a break. When is the last time that you had a break? Odds are that it was a while ago, if you’ve taken one at all. Hire some elder care providers to take over for you and then make sure that you go do something that you enjoy and that is just for you.

Is it an Emergency?

When you made the mistake or experienced disappointment, was the situation an emergency? If so, there may be some takeaways that you can learn from for future situations. If not, you definitely are being too hard on yourself. Learn from situations that leave you feeling that you didn’t do your best, but don’t beat yourself up over them.

What Do You Need in Order to Feel Like Yourself?

Most people have at least a vague idea what they need regularly in order to feel okay with themselves. This might include time alone, a certain amount of sleep, or a shower by a set point in the day. Whatever it is that you need, sit down and figure out how you can make sure that you’re getting that in your life.

While this is common, it’s a situation that will leave you feeling dejected and possibly depressed if you allow it to go on for too long. Take some time to analyze why you’re feeling this way and to do what you can to help yourself steer clear of these feelings.

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