You might have started to notice that your senior’s home isn’t as neat and tidy as it once was. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t want her home to look nice, but it can mean that there are some other situations at play that you haven’t noticed yet. Once you do notice them, it’s much easier to address them.

Organization Is a Problem

Senior Care in Aston, PA: Four Reasons Your Senior’s Home Is Messier than Usual

Your elderly family member’s life before she got to this stage was a lot different than the life that she’s likely living now. That can often mean that her belongings are organized in such a way that they’re not convenient for her needs now. If she’s using items frequently, they need to be accessible for her, whatever that means in terms of her current needs.

Her Storage Options Are Difficult to Access
Speaking of organization, it’s also possible that her storage options themselves aren’t so easy to access. The basement or the garage might have been the perfect place to store things before, even things that get used more often. But as your senior ages, those locations might not be as helpful as they once were. This might mean you need to get a little more creative on the organizational front.

It Takes a Lot of Energy to Clean Up
You don’t notice how much energy it takes to just keep a home tidy, but it really does. And for your senior, that might be energy she needs to spend in other ways. If it’s more difficult for her to move around now, for example, she’s not going to be able to keep up with the routine she had going on before. Prioritizing her energy is important and it might not net the results you think it will at first.

She’s Holding onto a Lot of Stuff
Over a lifetime people collect a lot of things. Some of those items have sentimental value, others are more symbolic but stick around anyway. Your elderly family member might start to have a difficult time parting with some of these belongings and that can create a bit of a logjam in her home. It’s a lot more difficult to keep things clean when there are a ton of things involved.

Once you determine what’s likely contributing to the problem you can start putting solutions in place. Reorganizing can help with some aspects, but hiring senior care providers can help a lot, too. They can keep up with household tasks for your senior so she doesn’t have to and that can be a load off your shoulders, too.

Excerpt: You might have noticed your senior’s home isn’t as pristine as usual. Why might that be?


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