A winter storm has the power of causing a lot of destruction. As snow and ice pile up on tree limbs, it can cause entire trees and big limbs to collapse and take out power lines. It’s hazardous as people suddenly have no power for heat and water in months when freezing temperatures are common.

In 2017, an ice storm hit much of the east leading to hundreds of thousands of customers having no power. As the power went out and the storm headed north, temperatures also declined to well below zero. People don’t always prepare for situations like that, but they should. Make sure your mom is set with the right supplies.


What She Needs to Have on Hand

Elderly Care Bensalem, PA: Winter Storms

Batteries and flashlights are important in a power outage. She needs to see where she’s walking. You don’t want her to fall. Candles are also helpful if she will remember to blow them out when leaving her house.

Water bottles and non-perishable foods are essential for nutrition and hydration. Her water is not likely to run as power goes out to pressure tanks and pumps. Keep a few gallons of water available. If she has a gas stove, she’ll be able to use the burners in a power outage. That allows her to heat canned soups and pasta meals. Otherwise, she’ll probably be eating it at room temperature. Granola bars, jerky, and trail mix may be more appealing to her than lukewarm soup or pasta.

There are two more things she needs to have. One is a working cell phone. If there’s a problem and she doesn’t feel safe being at home, she needs to be able to call for help. She also needs a battery-powered or wind-up radio to hear weather and emergency alerts.


Have an Evacuation Plan in Mind

If she needs to be evacuated, someone needs to help her shut off water and drain the lines to prevent frozen pipes. She also needs to have a ride to a shelter if she cannot drive herself.

How often are you able to check on your mom during the winter months? With elderly care services, someone can stop in and make sure her heater is working, ensure she’s eating, and help her arrange to have sidewalks, roofs, and vents cleared of snow after a storm. Call an elderly care representative to discuss the cost of caregivers and home care services.


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