It took a lot of convincing but your elderly mother has finally agreed to move in with you and your spouse. Perhaps this wasn’t an idea your spouse was too thrilled about at first, but eventually he or she came around or relented and felt this was the best option for her.

Home Care in Quakertown PA: When a Parent Moves in

Home Care in Quakertown PA: When a Parent Moves in

What is your motivation in this?

Far too many family members assume that having an aging parent or grandparent move in with them is just going to instantly create a safer, more comfortable environment for them. However, safety concerns don’t dissipate just because somebody changes their address.

Your mother will still need support.

Are you the one who will step up and provide that level of care each day? Are you willing to get up, even in the middle of the night, if she has to get out of bed and make her way to the bathroom and needs some support? What about if you work? If you are working, who is going to look after her during the day?

It’s still important to consider home care support services.

A home care aide through an agency is one of the best assets for not just improving safety for elderly clients, but also maximizing their quality of life. While you and your spouse may discourage your mother from being too active, too involved in her community, or too adamant about visiting the park every couple of days, a home care aide who has worked with numerous elderly clients through the years will likely see the true value in this.

They can offer your mother the physical support she needs to get around safely, not just inside the house, but throughout her community. Many home care aides will also offer transportation to their aging clients when they have to go to a doctor’s appointment or need to pick up some items from the local supermarket.

Your mother wants to remain as active as she can, at least within the confines of her physical capabilities. If you and your spouse are working full time, your mother may only sit around and wait for you to get home in the late evening hours.

You will still be tired. You will still be worn out. And you will still be stressed. Having her move in with you can be a wonderful asset, but don’t assume that everything’s fine; realize that home care is still a wonderful option to consider.

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