You might have heard about forming your very own personal support network, but who should be a part of that group? It can vary, depending on your needs and your senior’s needs, but this list can get you started.

Senior Care in Coatesville PA: Who Should Be in Your Support Network?

Senior Care in Coatesville PA: Who Should Be in Your Support Network?

Your Senior’s Medical Team.

Your senior’s medical team can help you to learn as much as you can about her health and her future health needs. They can also put you in touch with other resources that can help you both. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your senior’s doctors. Much of what she’s experiencing and dealing with is likely new to you, so you need to be able to understand.

Other Family Members.

Your other family members care about you and your senior, too, so they are likely going to be a good addition to your support network. The thing to remember about other family members is that sometimes old issues play into what’s going on now. Try to move past those and be as open and honest as you can with them about what you need.


Your friends can also be a big part of your support network. They may not help you as much with the in-person help that you might need, but they can definitely be there for you when you need an emotional shoulder to lean on. Talk to them when you need to vent and make sure that you reach out regularly to keep your relationship intact.

Caregivers You’ve Met.

One reason that joining support groups is so important is that it allows you to meet other family caregivers. You may even become friends with some of them, even if you only get a chance to talk to each other at support group meetings. They can often help you to sort out possible solutions by walking you through what worked for them.

Senior Care Providers.

Senior care providers are truly a cornerstone in your own support network. They can help you to shorten your learning curve as a caregiver and can help you to accomplish even more tasks every day. When you need time for yourself, they’re able to be there with your aging adult to help her to stay safe.

Ultimately, your caregiver support network is for you. It needs to be comprised of people and solutions that help you to be a better caregiver and to have what you need in order to keep on with your caregiving journey. It’s never a bad idea to reevaluate your network and make changes that help support you better.

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