The winter months can be a challenge for older adults. There are a lot of safety hazards related to the weather. Everything from snowy conditions that can cause a fall to the use of heating appliances that can lead to a fire, there are so many ways a senior can be injured during the winter. However, there are also lots of ways you can keep your aging relative safer, too. Below are 5 steps to take that can let older adults enjoy winter without worrying about injuries.

#1: Keep Walkways Cleared

Elderly Care Audubon, PA: 5 Ways to Keep Older Adults Safer This Winter

Seniors can slip and fall on an uncleared walk when they step out to get the mail or take their dog outside. By keeping sidewalks, front steps, and driveways clear, family caregivers can prevent falls that could leave the older adult lying outside in the cold where they could suffer from hypothermia in addition to injuries sustained in the fall. In addition to shoveling, be sure to use salt to melt ice or salt to provide traction.

#2: Be Sure They Have Warm Clothes

Make certain the older adult has warm clothing to wear. They’ll need items to wear inside, like sweaters and warm socks. Even more importantly, when they go outside, they must wear a warm coat, hat, mittens, and a scarf. Keeping skin covered in cold weather prevents hypothermia and frostbite. It also helps for seniors to dress in layers since air will be trapped between the layers and offer additional insulation.

#3: Check Heating Appliances

If your older family member hasn’t had their furnace serviced this year, help them to schedule an appointment. Having the furnace checked can prevent a break down during cold weather. It can also prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from a malfunction.

#4: Make Sure Smoke Alarms Are Working

Because home fires can occur when heating appliances are in use, it’s important to make sure all of the senior’s smoke alarms are in working order. Change the batteries and test the alarms. Make certain the older adult can hear them even when they are sleeping. Replace smoke alarms that are no longer working properly.

#5: Use Elderly Care

Elderly care can help seniors stay safer in the winter in several ways. Having an elderly care provider stop by during cold weather can ensure your aging relative is warm enough. While there, they can make certain all heating appliances are being used safely. Another way elderly care can offer winter safety is by going with older adults when they have to leave the house. During outings, the elderly care provider can hold the senior’s arm and help them to avoid slippery patches.


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