At a time when your senior needs her family the most, you might wonder why it’s so difficult for some family members to get along. There might be a few issues at play, depending on all of the variables that your family might be facing.

Whether Your Senior Needs Help or Not

Elder Care Quakertown PA Family Member Fighting

Elder Care Quakertown PA Family Member Fighting

Some family members may not understand that your senior’s situation is different now than it has been in the past. They may see her as just as capable as she always was, but you see the changes that she’s experiencing. There can be a big disconnect between reality and what other family members see as reality, especially if they don’t spend a great deal of time with your elderly family member in person.

What Types of Help She Needs

Another issue you might run into is that family members know that your elderly family member needs help or that you need help, but they don’t agree on the types of help she needs. That might mean that they think that she’s able to keep driving when you know that it’s time for her to stop driving and have other people take over that task.

Who Is Doing What

In some cases, you may find that you’re just exhausted all the time because you’re doing too much on your own. Other family members might say they’ll help a little more often, but they can’t agree on how they’ll help or how often. That leaves you and your senior in the lurch. If you’re running into this situation, it can be much easier to simply hire elder care providers and let other family members help where they finally are able to pitch in.

Those Old, Old Battles

Underneath it all, you and other family members might be fighting those same old battles that always crop up. You and some family members might still have childhood issues to work out and taking care of your senior together forces you to spend more time around each other. It’s important to either let these old issues go or find a way through them together.

It’s tough sometimes to get past these issues. Not every family member reacts the same way to a crisis and it’s really difficult to face the mortality of someone that you love. Approaching your other family members with compassion and understanding can go a long way toward helping to break through some of these barriers.


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