A stroke might feel like something that is big and completely beyond anyone’s control. To some extent this is true, but you can still reduce your senior’s risk of having a stroke.

If She Smokes, That’s a Huge Risk Factor

Home Based Community Care Audubon, PA:Help Your Senior to Avoid a Stroke

Smoking involves much more than your senior’s lungs and her ability to breathe. Smoking impacts your senior’s heart along with her entire circulatory system. Your senior’s lungs are a big part of the circulatory system, because they provide the heart and the entire body with the necessary oxygen to get everything done. If the lungs aren’t working well or aren’t getting enough oxygen, that puts a wrench in the works for your senior’s entire body.

Alcohol Is, Too
Alcohol can affect so many aspects of your senior’s health. For starters, it reduces her inhibitions, which can cause big issues. But the alcohol itself can also affect your senior’s bodily systems, causing them to not work as well as they could. Too much alcohol for too long can bring big health problems. Cutting back is a good solution.

High Blood Pressure Is a Big Problem
When your elderly family member has higher blood pressure, that means that the blood circulating through her body is putting pressure on all of her blood vessels. A stroke happens when a weakened blood vessel fails. Keeping your senior’s blood pressure within normal ranges is really important for overall health and also because it helps to reduce the pressure on blood vessels all throughout her body.

Other Circulatory Issues Contribute
But it’s not just high blood pressure that your senior must watch out for when it comes to strokes. Any other circulatory issues can also become an issue that could contribute to a stroke. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how her overall health can be a factor when it comes to stroke prevention. Health issues you might not realize are connected to stroke risk can be intricately connected.

Dietary Changes and Exercise Can Help
The answers to a lot of the problems you’re finding might be a lot simpler than you think, though. Little changes to what and how your senior eats and whether she exercises or not can have a huge impact on her ability to avoid having a stroke. You’ll need to start out slowly with these changes according to her doctor’s advice, but you’ll see some results.

All of this can be a lot for your senior to manage on her own. She might be scared and overwhelmed, which complicates things even more. Having help in the form of elderly care providers can be a solid solution for both you and your senior.

Excerpt: There’s no way to promise that your senior can’t have a stroke, but you can definitely reduce the risk that she’ll have one.

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