Aging adults end up in the hospital for a variety of reasons. They may have health issues, such as a heart arrhythmia or pneumonia, or fall down and break a bone. Diabetes, stroke, and stomach pain are other reasons your dad may go to the ER. To keep your dad out of the hospital, there are five things you should do.

Visit the Doctor Regularly

It’s important that your dad sees his primary care physician each year. During the annual check-up, make sure you attend and address concerns, talk to your dad’s doctor about what he should be doing that he isn’t, and let your dad ask questions, too. Be sure to ask about medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, that your dad takes. Find out if there are contraindications with any of the medications and if they have adverse effects, such as dizziness or lack of energy.

Home Care in Newtown Square PA: Five Ways to Keep Your Dad Out of the Hospital

Challenge Your Dad Mentally and Physically

Make sure your dad is getting plenty of exercise each day. Take him for a walk or have a home care provider do it if you work during the week. Gardening is a good way for your aging dad to get some exercise. You might also get him a treadmill or stationary bicycle if you live in an area where excessive heat, bitter cold, frequent rain, or snow make it hard to get outside. You’ll also want to make sure your dad is challenged mentally. Puzzles, crosswords, and computer games can help exercise the brain.

Seek Care When Something New Arises

If your dad suddenly starts complaining about something new, call his doctor. It’s better to have the concern looked at, even if it turns out to be nothing. Don’t put off symptoms because they don’t seem concerning to you.

Go Through the House to Reduce Fall Risks

Walk through your dad’s house to look for potential fall risks. If there are furnishings he might trip over at night, move them out of way. If a hallway or staircase is dimly lit, add bright lights. Put up rails in long hallways, on staircases, and add grab bars near the toilet and tub/shower if they are not already in place.

Eat Healthy Meals

Make sure your dad’s diet contains ample amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. If he hates to cook, call a home care agency today to learn more about getting help with menu planning and meal preparation. In addition to housekeeping, transportation, and companionship, home care providers can help plan healthy menus and cook meals for your dad.

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