Stone fruits include produce like apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, and nectarines. They’re the fruits you find that have a single stone (pit) in the center of the fruit. Why should your parent be eating these? The flavor is reason enough, but they’re also very high in antioxidants.


Health Benefits of Different Types of Stone Fruit

Home Based Community Services Abington, PA: Seniors Eating More Stone Fruits

Home Based Community Services Abington, PA: Seniors Eating More Stone Fruits

If you’re looking at the nutrients in the different types of stone fruit, you’ll find that they each offer something special. For example, apricots have an average of 17 calories per apricot, which isn’t much. For that, they have around 4.6 mg of calcium and 3.5 mg of vitamin C. The fiber in apricots is good for intestinal health.

Cherries have plenty of fiber, but they’re really beneficial as they are rich in antioxidants. One of the key benefits comes from their anti-inflammatory properties. If your mom or dad has arthritis, cherries or unsweetened cherry juice is a must.

Peaches have more calories (61 for a large peach), and they also have double the amount of calcium. For vitamin C, they contain 10.4 mg. Plus they’re high in vitamin A. You’ll also find a large peach has far more potassium than a banana. For this reason, peaches are a good choice for eye and muscle health.

How about plums? You probably know that dried plums (prunes) are known for helping prevent constipation. That’s due to the fiber content. They also are packed with antioxidants that keep the skin healthy.


How Can You Add Stone Fruit to Your Parent’s Diet?

Stone fruits are tasty on their own. If your parent isn’t likely to eat the fruit due to difficulties chewing, there are easy ways to make sure they enjoy them. Take fresh or frozen stone fruit options and turn them into nutritious smoothies with low-fat or non-fat yogurt and some honey if it’s not sweet enough.

Chop up fresh stone fruit and add it to oatmeal with some chopped nuts for additional fiber. You could also create tempting desserts by taking slices of stone fruit and topping it with homemade custard.

Caregivers help with many activities of daily living. When your parent has a hard time preparing healthy meals or shopping for groceries, caregivers help out. It ensures your parent ages at home without struggling with hygiene or daily routines. Call a home care agency to talk about the services caregivers offer in your parent’s hometown.


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