Homecare Ardmore PA: Is a Cell Phone Right For Your Aging Parents?

Homecare Ardmore PA: Is a Cell Phone Right For Your Aging Parents?

Some seniors enjoy having cell phones, but others struggle with them. You would like to make sure your parents have a cell phone to carry when they go for a walk. You’re not sure they’d actually use it. Here are a few of the things to consider when you’re weighing if a cell phone is right.

Some Seniors Love Technology

While some elderly men and women struggle with modern technology, your parent may love the advancements. You’ll know if your parent is able to handle touchscreen technology. If they can, the latest cell phones will be appealing.

If your mom and dad aren’t as tech-savvy, look for basic models. A flip phone may be a better idea for them. Companies like Jitterbug or Boost have low-cost cell phones with large buttons. Special features are limited to texting, and many of these phones make it easy to discern between the call button and the text button.

Can You Justify the Cost?

Cell phone plans have become affordable. With a company like Boost, you can pay less than $50 a month for unlimited calling, texting, and gigs of data. If a simpler plan is needed, there are affordable cell phone plans with many carriers ranging from AT&T to Xfinity. The AARP works out discounted cell phone plans for seniors, too.

Do They Get Service Where They Live?

In an emergency, cell phones are designed so that an emergency call will go through, even if there is no service. If your parent’s home is in an area where service is spotty, they may not be able to call or text you. It may not be worth the monthly cost to only have it for emergency use.

You may decide a medic alert system with GPS tracking is better than paying for a cell phone. The benefit to a medic alert system is that it also can be used in the home if your parent feels sick or falls and needs help. Fall monitoring is available and ensures if your parent does fall, they will not go unnoticed for hours, days, or even weeks.

You can make sure your parents are safe during walks by having a home care aide spend time with them. Caregivers can join your parents for their daily walks. They can also help with meals, housekeeping, and transportation. Call a home care agency to get started.

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