It’s a loaded question to look at what you’re not doing enough of as a caregiver, but in some of these instances, you really do need to find a way to add these ideas to your regular rotation.

Working through Your Feelings

Home Care Ardmore, PA:What Aren’t You Doing Enough as a Caregiver?

One of the things that can tend to surprise caregivers is that there are a lot of emotions involved in being a caregiver. You might find yourself feeling afraid, happy, angry, and any number of other feelings during your time as a caregiver. If you try to ignore those feelings or avoid dealing with them as they arise, that’s going to create bigger problems for you.

Acknowledging Your Accomplishments
You do a lot. A lot more than you give yourself credit for, odds are. But what you probably tend to see more than anything is what you still have to do, what you didn’t do perfectly, or the problems you have no idea how to solve. Caregiving is not for the faint of heart and when you acknowledge that you’re doing great, that goes a long way toward helping you to keep doing great.

Taking Better Care of Your Health
Something else that caregivers often overlook is their own health concerns. If you already know that you’ve got some health issues, it’s vital that you’re keeping up with them better than ever before. Should something go wrong with your health, that means that your senior might not have anyone else to help her. That can be a much bigger problem.

Asking Other People for Help
It’s not easy to ask other people for help. And as a caregiver you might worry that you shouldn’t ask anyone for help. But you don’t have to do everything completely on your own. The more help that you have, the easier it is for you to do all of the things that have to be done. If you don’t have other people on whom you can lean, consider hiring home care providers. They’ve got experience with all sorts of situations involving caregiving and can help in multiple ways.

Being a Person Outside of Being a Caregiver
Lots of caregivers give up on everything else in their lives outside of caregiving. That might make sense at first because caregiving requires so much time and energy, but you’re a complete person outside of caregiving. It’s important for your own well-being that you maintain that identity outside of caregiving.

Paying attention to some of these seemingly small details can help you to be a more effective caregiver.

Excerpt: You might feel like you’re doing an awful lot already, but what do you need to do more as a caregiver?

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