Many insurance companies and agencies that work with the elderly offer something called a mature driver course. These types of driving courses focus on some age-specific concerns that can really help your elderly family member be a better driver.

Elderly Care in Norristown PA: Taking a Mature Driver Course

Elderly Care in Norristown PA: Taking a Mature Driver Course

How to Avoid Distracted Driving.

When your aging adult first learned to drive, chances are that there were no cell phones or text messages to keep her looking elsewhere. Also, newer vehicles have much more to distract a driver than their older counterparts. Learning specific tips and tricks to avoid distracted driving is crucial for today’s drivers of any age.

How Medications Affect Her Driving.

Your senior may not feel any different when she takes her medications, but there are some medications that can make driving a little more difficult. Mature driver courses take some time to focus on medications, their side effects, and what drivers can expect when they are taking their medications as directed. Even over-the-counter medications can have some impact on driving.

Updated State-specific Motoring Laws.

Few drivers of any age stay up-to-date perfectly on new driving laws. Taking a mature driving class ensures that your elderly family member has exposure to current laws that affect her on the road. She may even be able to let other people in her life know about a few of these new laws.

Driving Tips for Older Drivers.

Older drivers have some specific considerations. It might not be as easy to check blind spots as it used to be, for instance. Your elderly family member may also need to reframe her ideas of what it means to follow other cars at a safe distance, particularly with any health conditions that have changed her driving abilities.

That it Might Be Time to Let Someone Else Drive.

One of the most important things that your senior could learn is that it might be time for her to hang up her keys. Having someone else drive for her may be just what she has needed, even if she’s been resistant to the idea. Hiring elderly care providers to do the driving for her ensures that your aging adult can still get where she needs to go whenever she has that need.

If your elderly family member is reluctant to take a mature driver course, make sure that you mention the insurance savings she’ll likely receive. For many older drivers, that is a powerful incentive.

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