***************** REMINDER *******************

ALL PAS Workers by now SHOULD BE clocking IN & OUT each day /shift that they work with each individual consumer that they serve using the EVV process instructions.

As you know, each consumer has a specific AUTHENTICATOR CODE and this code is only good for the duration that you serve that specific individual consumer. Once selected / Hired by a new /different consumer, the PAS Worker WILL receive a new EVV consumer authenticator code (instruction pamphlet) to use for that NEW consumer.

NOTE: THE FEDERALLY MANDATED EVV SYSTEM / PROCESS DOES NOT ELIMINATE EACH PAS WORKER’S RESPONSIBILITY / REQUIREMENT TO CONTINUE TO SUBMIT A COMPLETED HARD COPY OF THEIR SERVICE /INVOICE TIME SHEET EACH WEEK AS USUAL TO UNLIMITED STAFFING SOLUTIONS, INC. Simply put, there is always a potential for a “Technical” issue OR a failure on your part to clock IN or OUT for any service date. UNLIMITED will need to have documentation to validate/verify ANY EVV “edit” we are able to do. The bottom line is that EVERYONE MUST use the EVV System and Process starting January 1st, 2020. Unlimited Staffing Solutions, Inc.’s goal is to ensure that you receive FULL payment for all services you render.

The OFFICIAL start date of this EVV system is January 1, 2020. With that said, there are a few situations that each PAS Worker MUST immediately notify Unlimited Staffing Solutions, Inc. before this date…,

They are:
• IF the consumer that you are serving ONLY has a cell phone. Meaning that they DO NOT HAVE a land line/residential phone OR
• IF the consumer that you are serving HAS DIFFICULTY in maintaining service for their residential phone OR
• IF the consumer that you are serving DOES NOT want you to use their phone to clock IN & OUT.

If any of these situations exist please notify Unlimited Staffing Solutions, Inc. IMMEDIATELY, before January 1, 2020!

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