There comes a time in the lives of many older adults that getting behind the wheel puts them and others on the road in jeopardy. But, as the adult child of a senior, it can be hard to know when that time has come or when it is appropriate to address the topic. However, there are some signs that you can watch for that will alert you to your parent’s driving being unsafe. Below are some of the signs to watch for.


Decreased Reflexes

Home Care Bally, PA: Seniors and Driving

Many conditions can impair an older adult’s ability to respond quickly to situations that occur while driving. They may not be able to press on the brake peddle quickly because of painful arthritis in the knee. Weakened muscles could make it hard for them to quickly turn the steering wheel. If you notice your parent moving more slowly or not reacting to things as fast as they used to, you may want to observe them driving.


Dents and Scratches

If you notice multiple new scratches and/or dents on your parent’s car, they may be having “near misses.” Perhaps they don’t see well and are misjudging turns or the width of a lane. Or, they could be bumping into cars or shopping carts in parking lots.


Tickets and Warnings

If your parent has received multiple traffic tickets or warnings in the last two years, it can be a sign that they are no longer able to adhere to the rules of the road. Their problem could be physical, or it could be a cognitive issue that makes them uncertain or unable of what to do when driving. They may be confused by lights, signs, or too much movement on the road. Or, they could be getting lost and driving inappropriately out of fear.


Scrapes on the Garage or Fence

Look at your parent’s garage door and walls and fences near the driveway. If you see damage, it could mean your parent is bumping into them when driving.

When it’s time for your elderly parent to stop driving, one way to make the conversation easier is to reassure them that they will not lose their independence. Home care can ensure they are still able to go the places they want to without having to wait for a ride for a family member or friend.

Home care providers can drive your parent to their place of worship, stores, to see friends, and other places. Home care providers can be scheduled for regular times each week and for as many or as few hours as needed.


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