Stress that you can avoid is fabulous because then it never touches your world. But what about the stressors that you can’t avoid or control? Those you have to deal with in a different way.

Caregiver in Newtown Square PA: Managing Unavoidable Stress

Caregiver in Newtown Square PA: Managing Unavoidable Stress

Learn What Is Controllable.

So much about life as a caregiver is not controllable. Your elderly family member’s health can change in a moment and she may not be handling her new situation well. None of those things are anything that you can control. What you can control are your reactions, how much you try to make yourself do in a day, and other aspects of your life. So focus on what you can actually control and manage the rest as it comes.

Don’t Bottle up Your Feelings.

As a human being and as a caregiver, it’s really easy to get bogged down in what you “should” be feeling or how you “should” be reacting. But your feelings are valid and they exist. How you feel in a given situation is neither right nor wrong. It’s simply how you feel. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions so that you can get through them and keep on going.

Look for the Positive and the Gratitude.

When you’re going through a difficult time, it’s not easy to see the good in a given situation. Start training yourself to look for the positive and for the things you can be grateful for in every situation. This might seem really silly at first, but it can have some profound effects if you really try.

Practice Forgiveness as Much as Possible.

A lot of people have probably made mistakes in your life. And you’re probably making some mistakes now as a caregiver. But that’s okay. People aren’t perfect and the world we live in isn’t perfect, either. Start practicing forgiveness, starting with yourself. You’re doing the best that you can do and that is definitely enough. From there, extend that forgiveness to others in your life.

You’ll need to practice these steps more than a few times in order to start feeling the results. Stick with it, though, because it will be worth the work in the end.

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